Should Your Dog be Drinking Tap Water?

Benefits of Water   Water is vital fur living a healthy life. Water aids in the digestion of food and in absorbing nutrients. It cools the body down, as well as regulating body temperature. It also lubricates and cushions joints, so your pup can play with ease. Pawsome!     Dehydration   Loss of appetite,…

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Howloween for You and Your Pup

Howloween for You and Your Pup Fangtastic Costumes   First, make sure that your dog is willing to play along. Try on the costume before the big day so that you know how your dog will react — treats are always welcome, but tricks are a… tricky thing. Being comfortable is key to having a…

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5 Must-Visit Dog Parks near West Hollywood

Let your canine spend time with friends without messing up your home! Dog parks are great for socialization, fresh air, and space to run around and play in. Here are a few locations worth visiting. Runyon Canyon Park This is the place to go to treat your pup to fantastic views of the city and…

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How to Get Your Puppy Ready for Traveling for The First Time

Imagine how you would feel when you are taken on a long trip to somewhere strange. Most times you feel uncomfortable and you feel like returning home. That is the same thing that happens to our little furry friends when they are taken on a long trip for the first time. Traveling can be stressful…

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Pro Tips: Summer Time Strategies to Keep Your Dog Cool

Summer is here and it’s bringing the heat! Just last week, it got up to 110 degrees here in West Hollywood, we need to help our pups stay cool during this heat wave.   At Camp Sunset we have been keeping our pups indoors with the A/C blasting all day long. However if we go…

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