Howloween for You and Your Pup

Howloween for You and Your Pup

Fangtastic Costumes


First, make sure that your dog is willing to play along. Try on the costume before the big day so that you know how your dog will react — treats are always welcome, but tricks are a… tricky thing. Being comfortable is key to having a good time.


There are many possibilities when choosing a costume. You could dress your small fluffy dog up as a teddy bear. You could put a lion’s mane around your golden retriever. Or, you could even place a toy human on top of a saddle to turn your canine into a horse!


Need a quick costume? Cut out a red heart and write “ty” on it with white-out. Attach it to the collar and presto! You’ve got a living breathing beanie baby.


Another fast option would be to put a tie (traditional or bowtie) for a dapper pup.


What if your dog has to wear a cone? No worries! Just add three green soft balls to the cone and add red circles on top. I’ll take that pup shaken, not stirred. (No pups were harmed in the making of this article).


You could also add lots of yellow and orange strips of fabric or construction paper around the cone to make a sunflower (or use any color for the flower of your choice).


Spooktacular Activities

  • Costume contest — give treats for best costume, most creative costume, funniest costume, etc.
  • Trick or treating — it’s not just for kids!
  • Pet parade — gather a bunch of furry friends to show off their best outfits.
  • Bobbing for toys or treats — throw some toys or treats in a bowl of water for your pup!


Halloween Dog Safety


Make sure the treats you give your dogs are not human ones! Candies, especially chocolate, are toxic to dogs. Theobromine and caffeine are not your pup’s friends. It can take 6 – 12 hours for symptoms to show, but if you know your dog ingested chocolate, call your veterinarian immediately. Some symptoms include: vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, extreme thirst, and seizures.


Glow sticks are not chew toys. Glow sticks are generally nontoxic, but may cause some irritation due to the dibutyl phthalate. It leaves a bitter taste in your dog’s mouth, which causes drooling and sometimes vomiting in an attempt to get rid of the irritant. Try feeding your dog treats, canned dog food, tuna, or milk. Wash their coat with shampoo and water. You’ll easily be able to tell if there’s any glow stick residue left. Just take your dog into a dark room and see if they light up!


Consider using battery-operated candles in your jack-o-lanterns instead of real ones. Open flames, especially close to the ground, can easily become a fire hazard. The only thing that should be on fire is your pup’s costume 😉

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