How to Get Your Puppy Ready for Traveling for The First Time

Imagine how you would feel when you are taken on a long trip to somewhere strange. Most times you feel uncomfortable and you feel like returning home. That is the same thing that happens to our little furry friends when they are taken on a long trip for the first time.

Traveling can be stressful for your pup if you don’t prepare it ahead for the experience, especially when it’s the first time. It is actually more than just loading your dog at the back seat of your car and zooming off. Much preparation and planning are required if you intend to drive long distances for a vacation with your animal companion for the first time. The following tips will help you prepare your pet to feel comfortable throughout the trip.


#1: Take Your Dog Through Some Series of Short Drives

This goes a long way to make them adjusted to long distances. Start from say a 20-minute drive and gradually lengthen the time spent in the car. Be careful to stop the journey when your pup starts to feel some discomfort. This is common at the beginning stage because it has never experienced long-distance trips. With time, your pup becomes well adapted to being in that car for long.  So, when you chose to go a thousand miles for a vacation, it feels all at home with you in your car.


#2: Get A Well-Ventilated Crate or Carrier

This is very important because your puppy would feel safer and secure in a crate that is conducive for it. Ensure the crate is well ventilated and large enough to allow it to lie down, stand, turn around and sit. You can start by keeping your puppy in the crate for a long time in the comfort of your home. This makes it adapted, so when you are traveling with it for the first time, it feels at home in its crate while you drive. This gives you and your dog a pleasurable experience free of discomfort.


#3: Start with Light Meals

It is not advisable to feed your furry puppy during a long drive. It’s best to feed it three to four hours before departure. However, take note that the food should be a light and ensure they drink a moderate amount of water.


#4: Be Mindful of the Environmental Condition

Puppies are sensitive to extreme weather conditions. Keeping your pup in your vehicle that has worked for long hours can generate heatstroke on them. Ensure your vehicle does not produce too much heat after running a long distance. Also, cold weather conditions can make your pup freeze to sickness. So always ensure your car’s temperature is favourable for your pet.


#5: Pack the Necessary Items in Their Kit

Puppies are comfortable when they see items like toys and pillow around them. Plan and arrange for your travel companion’s basic need. Get food, bowl, travel papers, grooming supplies, and a first-aid kit containing prescribed medications and pack them all in your pet’s traveling kit.  When your pup is provided with most, if not all things it is familiar with, it usually feels at home even while traveling on a long distance.

First-time travel experience with your little pup can become stressful for you if you don’t take out time to prepare and get your pup comfortable with the experience. Start with short distances and provide it with materials for comfort. When you put all things in place, your puppy’s first travel experience with you will be smooth. You will not regret it!

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